poker widget 2Q: Hi, is the widget in one size or can I change the size to modify it to my web site sidebar?
A: At this moment we are offering one size. In the near future we will give webmasters the opportunity to modify the size / design of the widget.
Q: how do I know your tool presents respectable gaming sites I would like to be associated with?

A: We work with all the biggest, most trusted brands and in the market. We believe the user should decide which product is best for him, and present him with a choice from the best. If you have a special request you can contact us   and let us know how the widget could better be suited to your needs.

Q: Do you also offer more extensive cooperation on my traffic?”

A: We’re open to discuss opportunities and have also amazing optimization platforms.  If you would like to find out more about our business marketing opportunities you more than welcome to visit  incomate.com where you will find a diversity of Dynamic Marketing Tools.

Q: How do I place the widget where I want it to be?

A: Go to the admin panel under Appearance -> Widgets and place the widget in your desired sidebar, in a specific place. (drag and drop if on wp 2.8) or drag and save if < wp 2.8