Why poker widget?

I know that some of you webmasters are thinking, how does the poker widget actually help my site performance? The answer is very simple.
poker widget 1We at gamblingmodules.com made a personalized, geotargeted, user oriented poker feeds (in the next month we will release other casino games feeds), designed for maximum conversions. We used those feeds and wrapped them in very comfortable easy to use poker widget. The reason we did it is because the simplicity of adding a poker widget into your site. In widgetbox you can find almost all the possibility of implanting the poker widget to your site, we made it especially comfortable for wordpress due to the uprising of wordpress cms platform for the last couple of years. The visitors of your site will enjoy live, up to date, comparative information on all leading brands, bonuses, jackpots and tournaments. Today the method of marketing are becoming a lot more direct and visitors targeted oriented, you can leave behind old school banners, and use one super smart application to promote several brands at once. You will increase the traffic to your site and attract your visitors to stay more time at your site which will immediately decrease your site bounce rate, adding you more value at Google and the other search engine. Use the poker widget to add more content to your site such as poker room’s reviews, world tournaments announcements and more. If you want to learn more about our online gambling affiliate revolution you can log on to incomate.com and contact us there.